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 Welcome to Saint Spyridon College  


Thank you for taking the time to look at our website.

Feel free to have a good look around ,but as we all know, you can not judge a school by its website. It is always best to come on in, so please, contact the Principal directly to find out how Saint Spyridon College can meet your child's needs from Playgroup through to Yr. 7.

Thank you.


Our young and dynamic College has the best of best.

We have a rich connection with the local Parish and community as well as beautiful, modern, learning environments, the latest technologies and facilities and enthusiastic, highly respected teaching staff.

Our college has a great relationship with the local communities and makes the most of the local environments including the Saint Spyridon Church, Unley oval, museum, library and civic centre. We are close to the city and to the hills and use this to our advantage for our excursions.

Our students and families appreciate the quality of teaching and the opportunities that come from a well executed school curriculum and extra currciulum. Our dedication to our student's primary years helps them become inquisitive learners, great problem solvers, empathic friends and future leaders.

At Saint Spyridon College we believe it is crucial to a primary school student's success to maintain small class sizes as this allows the student to have the attention s/he deserves and to thrive to their full potential in a friendly, nuturing environment in which the teachers knows the student to their advantage. Because of this commitment we consciously maintain small groups at each level.

If you are interested in and feel that your child deserves this level of attention and dedication to young learners you are invited to enrol your child at Saint Spyridon College.