My name is Petros Karavasilis and I have been studying the art of Taekwondo for 27 years. I’m currently a 4th Dan black belt registered with the World Taekwondo Federation. I’ve been a member of the Greek national team from 2003 to 2010 and a member of the National Taekwondo military team in 2008. I’m a member of Whiteways Taekwondo club, registered with the Australian Taekwondo federation and competing representing SA and Australia.         

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport originating from Korea. It is a martial art that focuses on respect, discipline and self-control. It is characterized by its emphasis on speed and agility and more specifically on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

Saint Spyridon Taekwondo curriculum:

  • A focus on mental and ethical discipline, etiquette, justice, respect, and self-confidence
  • Both anaerobic and aerobic workout, including stretching
  • Learning the fundamental techniques of taekwondo; these generally include kicks, blocks, punches, and strikes, with somewhat less emphasis on grappling and holds
  • Self-defense techniques and forms (pumsae)
  • Examinations to progress to the next rank
  • Development of personal success and leadership skills

Timetable and cost:

  • Every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30 (Term weeks)
  • $90 per term (this cost does not cover uniforms or examination fees)