A Broad and comprehensive curriculum

Our key educational goal for our children is to incorporate a diverse curriculum in their learning that broadens and inspires them according to their abilities and interests, while encouraging them to work co-operatively with others, with reference to the SACSA Frameworks and the new National Curriculum.

The school curriculum from Reception to Year 6 is organised into 8 distinct disciplines:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Languages other than English – Greek
  • Science
  • Technologies – Digital technologies and Design technologies
  • HASS (History, Social studies and Geography)
  • The Arts (Music, Art, Drama and Dance)
  • Health and Physical Education

Each of these modules complements our children’s journey to achieve our three modules of wisdom; being Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual learning. We have specialist teachers teaching the specialist areas of music, language, and P.E.

Beyond the Australian Curriculum, Saint Spyridon College offers;

  • Religious studies
  • Pastoral care – Second Step

Our Reverend Father and our Local Parish play a large part in our education. All students participate in one religion class a week and are encouraged to participate in cultural events held throughout the year. Our pastoral care system is critical in developing the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. Classes participate in pastoral care after lunch for 15minutes. All classes take part in the second step program.