Music Tuition

Sofie Arhontoulis, Music Coordinator

Music develops the auditory system, which in turn helps children understand nuances like rhythm or tone — common to both sound and language — and how they can carry meaning in subtle ways. Music teaches the discipline of keep trying until you get it right, team-building and cognitive connectivity.

Saint Spyridon College delivers a robust music program through Saili Music, directed by Sofie Arhontoulis. Over 30% of the student cohort learn a musical instrument. Students of Saint Spyridon College learn with enjoyment, fun, and deliver amazing recital performances.

Our music program offers

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Singing

Lessons are held during the day and after school hours at your request, with regular music performances throughout the year.

Classroom music is exploratory, educational, social and engaging!

SSC – Saili Music POLICY 2019