Principals Welcome

Welcome to Saint Spyridon College,

Primary school is an exciting time in a child’s life where they can be encouraged to grow their capacity as learners and engage with a world of opportunity. At our school, we support our children to Embrace Learning and Seek Wisdom.
Our School has developed a talented team who adopt an individualised approach with each of our children to ensure they are supported and guided in their journeys to achieve our three modules of wisdom:

We offer a modern learning environment where problem solving is encouraged and confident decision-makers are made. Our children are encouraged to think and to be challenged to express their thoughts. They are given every opportunity to explore their passions and interests.

We are a small school so we can celebrate and honour every child’s uniqueness. We believe in character-shaping learning that prepares our children to be successful in a rapidly changing world. We also maintain a multicultural perspective, to reflect the character of our society. Our focus is beyond nourishing our children’s brains – we aim to nourish their spirits too.

We are a Christian school and as part of the Orthodox Church we are committed to moulding our children with respect to Christian values. The Christian faith is at the centre of the School’s focus on enriching the minds, bodies, and spirits of our students. The school Chaplain leads our school in ensuring the wellbeing of the children in our care.

We are a strong and supportive community where our boutique size enables us to know and nurture each child individually. We build strong relationships between our children, teachers, parents and the local community our school is part of.
I welcome the opportunity to show you our school in action.

Father Daniel Bradshaw

Why Christian Values are critical to our school.

We are a Christian school and as part of the Orthodox Church we are committed to educating our children with respect to Christian values. The Christian faith is at the centre of the school’s focus on enriching the minds, bodies and spirits of its students. Our school Chaplain leads our school in ensuring the wellbeing of our children is cared for.
We believe strong Christian values are necessary and important for successful growth; academically, spiritually and socially.  The following attributes play strong roles in the education at Saint Spyridon College.

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Listening
  • Love
  • Learning
  • Friendship

Students are empowered through the development of character, social skills, personal excellence, and community involvement.

Our Chaplain

Saint Spyridon College is supported by its Chaplain, Reverend Father John Psalios. He has a Bachelor of Theology from the Theological University of Athens and was ordained in 1985.

After a brief stay in Townsville Queensland, he returned to Adelaide in 1987 and has been a member of the community since 1998.

Father Psalios has been an advocate and one of the principal drivers for the establishment of the College.

Academic Curriculum – A Broad and comprehensive curriculum

Our key educational goal for our children is to incorporate a diverse curriculum in their learning that broadens and inspires them according to their abilities and interests, while encouraging them to work co-operatively with others, with reference to the SACSA Frameworks and the new National Curriculum.

The school curriculum from Reception to Year 6 is organised into 8 distinct disciplines:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Languages other than English – Greek
  • Science
  • Technologies – Digital technologies and Design technologies
  • HASS (History, Social studies and Geography)
  • The Arts (Music, Art, Drama and Dance)
  • Health and Physical Education

Each of these modules complements our children’s journey to achieve our three modules of wisdom; being Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual learning. We have specialist teachers teaching the specialist areas of music, language, and P.E.

Beyond the Australian Curriculum, Saint Spyridon College offers;

  • Religious studies
  • Pastoral care – Second Step

Our Reverend Father and our Local Parish play a large part in our education. All students participate in one religion class a week and are encouraged to participate in cultural events held throughout the year. Our pastoral care system is critical in developing the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. Classes participate in pastoral care after lunch for 15minutes. All classes take part in the second step program.

Day Structure

8.30 – 8.45am DROP OFF

8.45 Prayer and Daily Bulletin

Lesson 1 8:50 – 9:30

Lesson 2 9:30 – 10:10

Lesson 3 10:10 – 10:50

RECESS 10:50 – 11:15

Lesson 4 11:15 – 11:55

Lesson 5 11:55 – 12:35

LUNCH 12:35 – 1:30

PASTORAL CARE 1:20 – 1:40

Lesson 6 1:40 – 2:10

lesson 7 2:210 – 2:50

Lesson 8 2:50 – 3:30

PICK UP 3:30 – 3:45

Please note that all students arriving after 8:50am will be marked as late


TERM 1: 27th Jan – 9th Apr

TERM 2: 27th Apr – 25th Jun

TERM 3: 20th Jul – 24th Sept

TERM 4: 11th Oct. 10th Dec

Beyond the Classroom

Our unique extracurricular program includes opportunities to pursue interests in a diverse range of activities. Involvement in these allows our students to develop their social, intellectual, emotional, and physical skills in a broader setting than the classroom. All students are encouraged to participate in our extracurricular programs. 

The Arts

Music Tuition




Lunchtime clubs

CHESS CLUB: Chess is a great way for our children to gain confidence and enhance their skills to ‘think outside the square.

CODING AND ICT CLUB: Students learn the language and practice of coding in a great learning environment with experienced professionals using a range of programs and tools to make coding exciting for beginners through to experienced students. 

LEGO CLUB: Students are invited to participate in creating from their imagination or through following instructions. They may also participate in competitions. It can be collaborative or individual work depending on the task at hand. 

TABEL TENNIS CLUB: Table tennis is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes, whilst doing a bit of exercise and keeping your brain sharp. Students have the opportunity to play doubles or singles which also improves and develops their social skills. 

After School Activities

GREEK SCHOOL: Our Greek school is traditionally run by the Saint Spyridon Parish and offers academic and cultural lessons to all students from beginners to advanced. All students wishing to converse and develop their knowledge of Greek language, culture and history  are encouraged to participate in these after hours lessons.

SINGING WITH MS ARHONTOULIS: Miss Sofie is a professional performer, musician and advocate of music. Her classes are dynamic, diverse and a great investment for children interested in music.