Our College was founded in 2004 with 8 inaugural students and one teacher. The original students were Parishioners of Saint Spyridon Parish and their families helped with the building of the college, the placement of the icons and assisted in the language and culture classes. Since our very humble beginning, we have continued to grow into a boutique school that caters for all, remembering that at the heart of a good school is a loving family.

The College was built on the understanding that it provided a positive, caring and nurturing learning environment, where the individual student developed as a whole person within a loving and supportive community.

Saint Spyridon College was designed to provide the foundations of the Christian Orthodox faith for the students as well as share the learning of Greek language and culture.

The college upholds its commitment to small class sizes across all year levels and that specific attention is given to each student’s individual needs and goals.


Who is Saint Spyridon?

Saint Spyridon was born at the end of the third century AD in Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. He was an uneducated shepherd with a wife and children. He had immense love and faith in God. After the death of his wife, he was made Bishop and spent the remainder of his life on pastoral care and performing charitable acts. The Saint Spyridon Website HAS MORE INFORMATION ON SAINT SPYRIDON.