A Broad and comprehensive curriculum

Saint Spyridon College’s broad and comprehensive curriculum provides learning developed to meet the Australian Curriculum outcomes and ensure students receive and experience a holistic education.  The curriculum is organised into the following areas:

  • English
  • Science & STEM
  • Mathematics
  • Religious studies;  Orthodox Christian Education
  • Design and Digital Technologies
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Greek Language and Culture
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Visual and Dramatic Arts

We have specialist teachers teaching the specialist areas of STEM, modern Greek, music, P.E. and religion.
Our Reverend Father and our Local Parish play a large part in our religious classes and cultural events.

Co-curricular Activities

Our unique co-curricular program includes opportunities to pursue interests in a diverse range of activities. Involvement in these allows our students to develop their social, intellectual, emotional and physical skills in a broader setting than the classroom. During lunch times we offer the following clubs. For after hours we have a range of activities. For further information please enquire at [email protected]



Students learn the language and practice of coding in a great learning environment with experienced professionals using range of programs and tools to make coding exciting for beginners through to experienced students


Students are invited to participate in creating from their imagination or though following instructions and may also participate in competitions. It can be collaborative or individual work depending on the task at hand.


Students are invited to share their love of books and storytelling with a professional who loves everything to do with books. From creating bookmarks to reviewing the latest stories, there is something for all book lovers.


Chess is a great way for our children to gain confidence and enhance their skills to ‘think outside the square’.



Miss Sofie is a professional performer, musician and an advocate of music. Her classes are dynamic, diverse and a great investment for children interested in music.


All students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument. Lessons are held at the school during and after school hours. Ms Arhontoulis organises teachers for students wishing to learn a musical instrument.


Sports are a strong feature at the College and there are a range of Summer and Winter sports available to all students.  We provide trainings, competition and development for all sports players. Each student is encouraged to join a sporting team as a means of participation and to develop their teamwork skills.


Our Greek school is traditionally run by the Saint Spyridon Parish and offers academic and cultural lessons to all students from beginners to advanced.

All students wishing to converse and develop their knowledge of Greek language, culture and history  are encouraged to participate in these after hours lessons.