2018 School Camp – Narnu Farm

In Week 5, our middle and upper primary students traveled to Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh Island for their 2018 school camp. The students found this experience to be rewarding, exciting, and challenging, and all came home with new friends and new skills. Below is some feedback from a parent who attended camp.

Dear parents,

The letter below was sent to me from Sofie Arhontoulis on Saturday as she reflected over the Narnu Farm Camp 2018. I have been given permission to share it with all of you. Feel free to share with others. As you may know, camping with children is a great joy, exhausting but brilliant as they learn so much about one another, their developing abilities, their tolerance and their resilience. Teachers too, learn a lot about their students, how to get the best out of them and what dynamics work. They also get to observe what other strengths and abilities their students have outside of school, how they work with others and what support they require.

Camp is a very worthwhile activity at school and I think it is marvellous that we offer it at Year 3 level.

We are proud of our students and staff and wish them a restful weekend.

Kind regards,

Britta Corones


Sofie’s letter:

Dear Britta

I would like to say a warm congratulations to Saint Spyridon College for sending our children to Narnu Farm for our 2018 Camp.

As a parent volunteer, I observed first-hand, the students’ excitement, adventure and pure joy over 3 days of camp. Their behaviour was excellent, cooperative, respectful and above all, loving towards one another. Education was expertly woven into the children’s farm experiences.

By far the most incredible thing I witnessed was the performance of the outstanding teachers of Saint Spyridon College; Petros Karavasilis, Panagiota Ktoris and Glenn Simpson. They devoted every minute of their day and night to the well-being of the students of SSC. These amazing teachers played, supported, encouraged and nurtured the students with unending patience kindness, warmth, professionalism and love. I have never before seen such heart and soul commitment in a staff body in my 25 years of teaching, and 16 years as a parent.

Congratulations to the entire staff of Saint Spyridon College, and thank you for giving my children a world class education in a world class school.

Thank you

Sofie Arhontoulis

















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