The first 3 months of the School year (and beyond).

To all the parents who have just got back into routine for the school year, well done! For everyone new to the routine of school life. Hold on to your hats. It is a learning curve for the entire family that is fraught with time restrictions and organisational plans going into haywire.

You will get through and you will find the perfect routine for you and your family. It does take time to get the perfect balance so please, reach out and talk to other parents. Find out what works for others. Check in with your child’s teacher to make sure that you do understand what the classroom requirements are as well as the teacher’s expectations for all students.

There is great advice and help out there. Mark Le Messurier at  is a counsellor, mentor, educator and parent coach. He has written the following books; Tough Kids, Teaching Tough Kids and Raising Beaut Kids.

Madhavi Nawana Parker at is a published author of social-emotional literacy and resilience books and programs, including ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox’.

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