Principal’s welcome

WELCOME to Saint Spyridon College

Primary school is an exciting time in a child’s life where they can be encouraged to grow their curiosities and interests. At our school, we support our children to Embrace Learning and Seek Wisdom.

Our school has developed a talented team who adopt an individualised approach with each of our children to ensure they are supported and guided in their journeys to achieve our three modules of wisdom:


We offer a modern learning environment where problem solving is encouraged and confident decision-makers are made. Our children are encouraged to think and to be challenged to express their thoughts. They are given every opportunity to explore their passions and interests.


We are a small school so we can celebrate and honour every child’s uniqueness. We believe in character-shaping learning that prepares our children to be successful in a rapidly changing world. We also maintain a multicultural perspective, to reflect the character of our society. Our focus is beyond nourishing our children’s brains – we aim to nourish their spirits too.


We are a Christian school and as part of the Orthodox Church we are committed to mould our children with respect to Christian values. The Christian faith is at the centre of the School’s focus on enriching the minds, bodies and spirits of its students. Our school Chaplain leads our school in ensuring the wellbeing of our children is cared for.
We are a strong and supportive community where our boutique size, even at its capacity, enables us to know and nurture each child individually. We build strong relationships between our children, teachers, parents and the local community our school is a part of.

I welcome the opportunity to show you our school in action.

Britta Corones
[email protected]
08 8272 1655

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